June 11 & 12

NEW STUDIO! at Pink Dog Creative at 348 Depot Street






Dream Origins Of Language
Sacred Grammar in World Art

Navajo and Tibetan Sand Painting 
Sunday, July 29     6:00  potluck (optional)  Talk begins at 7:30
$10 donation
Barnardsville, NC

The sand painting is the visible form of the chant, within the ritual. One does not come without the other; in fact the Navajo medicine man who makes the sand painting is called a Chanter. Like the Navajo chant cycles, Tibetan painting engages the central animating powers of the universe. On opposite sides of the world, these traditional ceremonials invoke a higher order to re-establish harmony in this world, what the Navajo call Hozho. This talk goes deep into the esoteric power of beauty itself.



An Art of Cosmic Proportions

       Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Temples, Chaco
       Mala - prayer beads, cosmic numbers, Sun and Moon
       The mystery of squaring the circle
       Archaic elegance and authority

Michelangelo's Faith - The Secrets of the Sistine Ceiling

       A thoroughly Kabbalistic work in the heart of the Vatican
       Michelangelo's education and the Medici Palace
       History of the Chapel itself - Solomon's Temple

Leonardo - Science, Symbolism and Metphysics

Zen and the Art of Monet -
     "Suddenly I realized the magical qualities of my pond."

       At the very same moment that Einstein entered into his profound exploration of time
       by studying the physics of light, Monet discovered the unconditioned moment in time
       through absolute attention to light.
       Particles of light
       The pond and Field Theory!
       Cezanne - relativity - space and form

The Ancient Roots of Modernism

       Les Demoiselles
       Monet in the Garden
       Evens-Wenz looks for the Fairie Faith
       1907 Banking Crisis
       The Firebird
       Gauguin, Rauschenberg, Kiefer
       Going Native at the psychic frontier - Spiritism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism

The Miracle of Celtic Christain Art

       Lindisfarne, Kells, Durrow
       Druids and sacred speech
       Celtic metalwork
       Sarmatians! and Persians in the British Isles
       Gnostics - Celtic Church and Rome
       Miracles, Columcille, St Cuthbert

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